We are well and truly into winter now, the time of muddy bikes, frozen derailleurs and cold fingers! There’s no doubt that your eBike probably means a lot to you and you have probably invested a considerable amount of money into it so it’s definitely worth looking after it throughout the harsh Highland winter. 

Whether you are using or not using the bike all winter we have shared some top tips for caring for your eBike :

Wash the bike after every ride : 

With all the grit salt and grime on the pavements, paths and roads we highly recommend giving your bike a quick wash down after every cycle ride – yes every ride! You will be amazed at how quickly your bike can rust, no matter how new or expensive it is. A small amount of grit salt left on your bike can cause significant rusting particularly to your chain, gear system and disc brakes. This is not a manufacturing error or the bikes fault…it’s one you can be in control of! So with this in mind our first winter tip is that you spray your bike down after every ride, just a couple of minutes clean down with a hose will keep your bike rust free and extend the life span of many of your moving parts. 

During the really cold months, take your battery into the warmth of your house whether you are using or not using the bike regularly. The ideal temperature to store your battery at is anything from 10 – 20 Degrees Celsius. Furthermore, it is really important to keep no less than 30% charge and no more than 60% charge in the battery whilst it is unplugged from the bike and sitting unused for long periods of time. This keeps your battery healthy resulting in a potentially longer life span. 

If you have a Bosch eBike then ask us about our eBike battery pin covers, these are small rubber plugs that you pop over the exposed charge point on the bike whilst the battery is off to prevent any corrosion to the contact points.