Right Plan for Your Bike

Safety Check

£ 24 99
Tyres Checked & Inflated
Wheels Checked Saddle, Seat Post, Handlebars & Stem
Checked & Aligned Transmission & Pedals Checked & Tightened
Brakes Checked
Bolts Checked & Tightened
Bike Wiped Over & Lubricated

Essential Service

£ 44 99
Safety Check Plus
Gears Checked, Adjusted & Lubricated
Brake Pads Checked, Adjusted & Replaced as Necessary
All Cables Checked & Replaced as Needed
Save 44%

Annual Service/Clean

£ 74 99
Essential Service Plus
Transmission Cleaned, Checked, Lubricated & Replaced as Necessary
Frame & Fork Checked Wiped Down
Hydraulic Brake Bleed (£15 each brake extra)

Full Service

£ 110
Annual Service Plus
Frame & fork checked for alignment and inspected
Brakes bled, rotas inspected and aligned
Headset stripped, serviced, greased and refitted
Bottom bracket stripped serviced, greased and refitted
Hubs stripped serviced, greased checked and refitted
Tubeless sealant topped up
New cables fitted
Installation of any parts needed
EBike diagnostic run and update software

Full Suspension Bike Service

£ 120
Full Service Plus
Stations Cleaned & Lubricated
Dropper Post Adjusted
Rear Triangle Checked

Battery Service

£ 30
Battery Service
Full Battery Repair

Here are the most common e-bike faults we get;

Poor wiring and connections

One of the design faults we often encounter, is poor design and a lack of proper waterproofing of e-bikes, but with our expertise, we can fix and improve this.
At the MultiTracks E-Bike Company we are qualified on both Bosch and Shimano e-Systems, as well as being qualified e-bike Technicians, together with a solid background & history in Automotive engineering. We are also Cytech qualified on all Bikes.
We design e-bikes and Build them ourselves. This is because we know all of the right parts to use to build an e-Bike from scratch, with a Good strong frame as the starting point. Everything from Bearings to Headsets, Custom Wheels, Wheel Building, Gear and Derailed systems, custom cabling, seat comfort, Handlebars, E-Crank Motors etc, we design & build quality.

Rear Hub and Front Hub motors have a high internal wiring fail rate

E-Bike motors cannot be repaired when they fail and they have to be replaced, as the wiring is sealed inside. Due to this, the wheel build, rim, and spoking have to be redone, along with the moving over of tubes and tires, but it CAN be done!

We often refit e-bikes with a custom mid-hub motor that doesn’t fail like the aforementioned Rear & Front hub motors.

E-Controllers cannot be repaired, they have to be be replaced

When these controllers break down they must be replaced, but due to the rewiring requirements, this is expensive.

Cheap Asian Batteries we encounter, regularly fail within 18 months from new

We only fit new Samsung batteries that we know are quality, have a good warranty and last many years. A good Lithium Ion battery should only depreciate in power storage by around 7% a year, provided it is looked after.