Electric bikes look just like normal bikes. You can find electric road bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric city bikes and even folding electric bikes for commuting. Deciding on which electric bike you need comes down to not just personal preference, but the type of rides you’ll be doing and how much assistance you require on them.

Even though there’s a battery, motor and control unit on most electric bikes, electric bikes aren’t like scooters or mopeds. Instead, the electric bike’s battery and motor provide assistance when pedalling, so riders don’t need to put as much effort in as they cycle.

Why are Electric Bikes becoming more popular?

Well, by not having to put as much effort in, getting from A to B becomes a lot easier. From tackling hills without breaking a sweat to being able to cycle to work without the pedals feeling like lead, electric bikes aren’t just for lazy folks or those who are unable to cycle as vigorously – it’s all about making life easier.

It is this focus on cycling to and around cities that is partially responsible for the following cities being the top 10 for electric bike sales in the UK. It’s unsurprising to see the likes of London, Manchester and Bristol (some of the most bike-friendly cities in the UK) on the list, but it’s good to see that places like Belfast, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Leeds – which all suffer from cramped, compact city centres with little room for cycle lanes – are all seeing predicted growth in e-bike sales too.