1. Have multiple uses

One of the biggest misconceptions about e-bikes is that they’re for old people or those who are too lazy to use a regular pedal bike.

This is not true. e-Bikes can be used by different age groups and for various reasons. 

They’ve been used for: 

  1. Commuting
  2. Running errands
  3. Staying active
  4. Last-mile deliveries
  5. By police forces to carry out their duties more efficiently
  6. And more

2. Improve health

Did you know that the fitness benefits of riding an e-Bike aren’t that different compared to a normal pedal bike? Not everyone might be willing to or capable of riding a bike from the start, e-Bikes are less taxing on the body so they work as a great middle ground to build up your fitness before levelling up to riding a bike.

3. Save money

While the initial cost of buying an e-Bike might seem expensive, if you consider the additional benefits of riding an e-Bike, they come out on top.

When comparing an e-Bike to a car, the cost of owning and running an e-Bike is significantly lower than that of a car. 

4. Make commuting easier and quicker

No one likes to show up to work sweaty or late, that’s what could happen if you cycle to work using a pedal bike or use public transport where you have 100 people crammed into a bus or tube. 

e-Bikes could save you that hassle (and embarrassment). With cycling infrastructure constantly improving, you could get to work quicker than car or public transport. 

5. Help the planet

Countries like Germany and Netherlands are great examples of how switching to e-Mobility can improve the environment and the quality of life of people.

The lockdowns over the past couple of years have shown that people are willing to change their habits not just for themselves but for the planet too. 

You could play your part in this too and enjoy the benefits e-Bikes can bring to health and well-being.